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  testing tensile strength diastron miniature They also come in a variety of sizes and shapes including mini, micro, portable, bench table models, benchtop, desktop and tabletop versions. They may be used, second hand, home made, diy. There are also multistation, multiaxial, and multichannel configurations. Tensile Testers are engineered to satisfy multiple demands from customers, including design specifications, dynamic force requirements, electric systems, flexible reconditioned and simple needs. The applications are wide and many types, including need for reconditioned upgrade used utm type machines, as well as simple small structural testers. Sunder is in here somewhere. Tensile Testers are available in different packages depending on maker, prices, sale cost, and whether it is best or not. The purchase depends on the supplier companies and comparison of different advantages. It also depends whether they are available in a catalog or not. Tensile Testers are designed based on servo hydraulic and electro dynamic power packs and match mechanical force or load and speed specifications or requirements. The load frames feature high alignment and screw driven crosshead adjustment mechanisms. The axial force capacity is matched to high speed or high frequency speed requirements and cyclic performance or cycle counts. Data is collected in the form of stress strain curves. Load elongation or extension plots can be output and yield or ultimate strength determined. The analysis may include endurance, ductility, and fatigue limits. Control software. Tensile Testers , when outfitted with the correct tensile fatigue grips, compression fatigue platens, or flexural reverse bending fatigue fixtures, can test a wide variety of test samples, specimens, and coupons. Bolts, button head samples, dogbones, cable, fiber (or fibre), pipe, plate, wire rope, thin metal foil or sheet, spring and threaded samples all can be tested. Also round samples such as tube, tubing, pipe, welds and wire may be tested. Tensile Testers perform a wide variety of tests including fatigue fracture strength, fatigue loading, fatigue tensile and compression, thermomechanical fatigue, or TMF, low cycle fatigue, or LCF, and high cycle fatigue, or HCF. Three (3) point bend flexural or flexion tests as well as four (4) point bend flexing tests are common. Tensil strength tesing including pull pull tests are even possible. Planar biaxial shear tests are uncommon. Lap shear tension low cicle fatigue also. Pressure load spectrum random fatigue tests are rare but possible. Material types that are commonly tested on fatigue testers include aluminum (or aluminium), advanced or aerospace composites, elastomers or rubber, polymers or plastics, metals including nitinol, rebar, steel and copper. Honeycomb sandwichs and interlaminar fatigue and fracture research is common.  

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