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ASTM C 273
Shear Flatwise; Sandwich materials
ASTM C 297
Tensile Flat Sandwich; core tension; bond
ASTM C 364
Compressive - Edgewise Flat Sandwich Constructions
ASTM C 365
Compressive - Flatwise Honeycomb sandwich cores
ASTM C 393
Flexural Flat sandwich honeycombs
ASTM C 394
Shear; Fatigue Sandwich Core Materials
ASTM D 2344
Short Beam 3 Point; Polymer Matrix Composite Materials; Laminates
ASTM D 3039
Tensile polymer matrix composite materials; high-modulus fibers
ASTM D 3410
Compressive Polymer Matrix Composite Materials
ASTM D 3479
Fatigue Tension-Tension; polymer matrix composite materials
ASTM D 3518
Shear; Tensile polymer matrix composite materials; high-modulus fibers
ASTM D 3528
Shear Double Lap; Bonded Joints metals
ASTM D 3552
Tensile Metal Matrix composites
ASTM D 4255
Shear Composite Laminates;In Plane
ASTM D 5379
Shear V-Notched Beam; Isopescu; In-plane; Interlaminar; composites
ASTM D 5467
Compressive Polymer Matrix Composites; Sandwich Beam
ASTM D 5528
Fracture Interlaminar Toughness; Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites
ASTM D 5766
Tensile Polymer matrix composite; open hole
ASTM D 6484
Compressive Polymer matrix; open hole
ASTM D 6641
Compressive Polymer matrix; CLC Fixture
ASTM D 6671
Fracture Mixed Mode Bending; interlaminar toughness Gc
ASTM D 7291
Tensile Polymer matrix composites
ASTM E 1922
Fracture Laminated Polymer Matrix Composite

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