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Industry standards have evolved to cover virtually all the different textile materials, manufacturing methods and end applications. Carpet tests are available for fiber, natural, synthetic and mixed fibers. Laminated textiles combine fabrics, polymers and films to improve physical properties and appearance - sailcloth, filters, automobile convertible tops, sports apparel, tire cord, and belting.

Testing textile tensile material properties, for instance, applies to yarns, twisted threads and cords, flat structured specimens such as fleece, knitwear and fabrics - elastic fabrics, coated fabrics, backing fabrics, bonded and laminated apparel fabrics, non-wovens, felts, geotextiles, pond liners, elastomeric yarn, monofilaments, multi-filaments, twisted, twined or spun yarns, threads, cords, ropes and cables. Medical applications include simple gauze, bandages, prostheses for body implants and bioresorbable textile supports.

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Tension & Elongation of Elastic Fabrics (View PDF)

Standard Tests for Coated Fabrics (View PDF)

Breaking Strength and Elongation of Textile Fabrics (Grab Test) (View PDF)

Bursting Strength of Textiles - Ball Burst Test (View PDF)

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