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Metals Tensile, Fatigue and Fracture Test Equipment


The broad need to test metals to match their intended applications has led the test machine industry to develop test systems, software and accessories. Our product line includes test systems, controller upgrades, software, grips, fixtures, furnaces, and extensometers.

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Plot shows strain controlled LCF test.



Tensile, Yield and Ultimate Strength Stress Test Equipment

Pull Testers for Wire, Crimp, Lugs and Connectors

Static Tensile Tests -- Metals tensile testing is performed with several configurations (controllers and load frames) that measure tensile yield strength, yield point, tensile strength, Youngs modulus of elasticity, stress strain curve, strain hardening behavior, elastic and plastic deformation, elongation and reduction of area. Uniaxial tensile tests provide information on strength and ductility and there are a variety of industry standard test methods, including:

ASTM E8 Tensile Testing of Metals
ASTM E345 Tensile Testing of Metallic Foil
ASTM B399 Plane Strain Fracture Toughness
ASTM E517 Plastic Strain Ration (for Sheet Metal)
ASTM E646 Tensile Strain Hardening Exponent (of Sheet Metal)
ASTM B565 Shear Testing of Aluminum Rivets and Rods
ASTM E132 Poisson's Ratio
ASTM E111 Young's Modulus

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