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ASTM D  143 Tensile; Compression; Bending; Shear Clear Timber; Nail withdrawal
ASTM D  198 Tensile; Compression; Flexure; Shear; Torsion Structural Timber
ASTM D  903 Peel; Stripping Flexible; Adhesive Bonds; 180 degrees; metals; plastics; wood; rubber
ASTM D  905 Shear Wood; adhesives; compression
ASTM D 1037 General  Wood-Base Fiber and Particle Panel
ASTM D 1184 Flexural Metal or wood adhesive bonded assemblies
ASTM D 1761 General Wood Fasteners
ASTM D 2719 Shear structural panels; Through-the-thickness
ASTM D 3043 Flexure Structural Panels
ASTM D 3044 Shear Wood Structural Panels
ASTM D 3498 Adhesion Plywood: Lumber
ASTM D 3500 Tensile Wood Structural Panels
ASTM D 3501 Compression Wood; Plywood and structural panels; Planar Shear
ASTM D 4027 Shear Structural adhesives
ASTM D 4043 Tensile; Tear Bituminous roofing
ASTM D 4533 Tear Geotextiles; Trapezoidal 
ASTM D 4595 Tensile Geotextiles; Wide Width Strip
ASTM D 4632 Grab Geotextiles
ASTM D 4761 General Lumber; wood
ASTM D 4833 Puncture Geomembranes
ASTM D 4885 Tensile Geomembranes; Wide Width Strip
ASTM D 5397 Tensile; Stress crack Polyolefin geomembranes
ASTM D 6241 Puncture Geotextiles
ASTM D 6637 Tensile Geogrids
ASTM D 6693 Tensile Geomembranes
ASTM D 6768 Tensile Geosynthetic clay liners
ASTM D 6992 Accelerated Creep Geosynthetic clay liners
ASTM D 7003 Tensile Reinforced Geomembranes; Strip
ASTM D 7004 Tensile Reinforced Geomembranes; Grab
ASTM D 7056 Tensile; shear Bituminous Geomembrane seams
ASTM D 7275 Tensile Bituminous geomembranes
ASTM E   72 Strength Panels for Building Construction
ASTM E   73 Static Truss Assemblies
ASTM E  229 Shear Structural Adhesives
ASTM E  455 Static Framed Floor or Roof Diaphragm for Buildings
ASTM E  489 Tensile Metal Connector Plates - wood applications
ASTM E  767 Shear Metal Connector Plates - use with wood
ASTM E 2127 Tensile Paneled wall systems

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