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Mechanical Test Systems for Plastics -- Tensile, Film, Flexural, Compression, Fatigue


TestResources testing systems and accessories help specify materials, design parts and monitor manufacturing quality. Our line includes universal testing machines (also known as a UTM) that stretch, bend, compress, or pull test samples at controlled test speeds until they break. These test systems are known as universal testers and measure tensile, flexural, compressive, and shear properties for materials evaluation, application development, and quality control. They are used by plastics compounders, molders and extruders for upfront product and process development and for stricter scrutiny of quality control of both incoming materials and of finished parts. Some polymeric materials such as thermoplastics vary depending on temperature, so some test systems are equipped with chambers that simulate the intended end use environment - either elevated or reduced.

The size or force capacity of a UTM is determined by the maximum load rating of the frame. A high force rated frame can be outfitted with a smaller capacity load cell or sensor to measures load, force and stress. The load cell is attached to a test grip to measure test force, which can be read on a digital display or a PC. Our machines feature interchangeable load cells so that the sensor can be matched to the material strength undergoing the test. Stiffer materials may require higher force load cells.

Tensile, flexural, compression, or shear tests are called static or quasistatic tests and speed is tightly controlled during the test at rates ranging from 0.001 in per minute to 20 ipm. Dynamic or cyclic tests such as crack growth and fatigue are typically performed on dynamic test systems which can produce a wide variety of loads and speeds.

800L with G2710 Chamber and laser extensometer for fatigue tests in strain control at 500F.

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By far the most common tests performed on plastics are tensile strength, tensile modulus, flexural strength and flexural modulus. ASTM D638 and ISO 527 are tensile tests and flexural testing (ASTM D790, ASTM D6272 and ISO 178) are performed by placing a test specimen on two supports on the baseplate of the machine. The crosshead pushes on the unsupported center of the specimen until it bends or breaks. Compression tests include testing rigid plastic foams per ASTM D1621 and ISO 844, and bottle crush tests. Shear tests and shear strength is obtained by placing a specimen in a punch-type shear fixture. The punch is pushed down at a slow rate and results calculated as the force by area sheared.


Testers and Accessories for Thin Film Plastics Tests per ASTM D882

Testers and Accessories for Thin Film Plastics Tests per ISO 527-3

Tensile Testers for ASTM D638 and ISO 527 - Plastics (View PDF)

Flexural Properties -- Fixtures for ASTM D790 (3 Point); ASTM D6272 (4 Point)

Tear Resistance of Plastic Film and Sheeting - ASTM D1004 -- (View PDF)

Coefficient of Friction Tests per ASTM D1894 --- (View PDF)

Compressive Strength & Properties - ASTM D695

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