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Physical or mechanical testing of structural foam or cellular urethane or polyurethane is needed to perform R & D on new products as well as to ensure quality of materials.

Common foam tests measure firmness, strength, general properties, stiffness. fatigue life, resistance to impact, tensile adhesion, and tear resistance.

TestResources modular product line enables us to provide a variety of solutions to meet technical or budgetary needs. The applications below offer a glimpse of our capabilities.

Test Machines for Foam -- Testers & Machines

Special Fixtures and Grips for Foam -- Test Fixtures

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Selected Foam Test Equipment -- contact us to discuss your specific requirement:

Rigid Foam Compression Test System, Fixtures, Software --- ASTM D1621 & ISO 844 (PDF)

Foam Tensile Adhesion Tester, Grips and Fixtures --- Per ASTM D1623 (PDF)

Inflection Force Deflection (IFD) or Inflection Load Deflection (ILD) Tester--- ASTM D3574 (PDF)

Foam Tester System for Inflection Force Deflection (IFD) or ILD --- ASTM D5672 (PDF)

Movie of Production Test -- Structural foam - (Click Here)

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