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  ------------04astm standard tensile testing polyurethane astm d624astm f88 equipmentastm test d-3330astm method d540astm measure foamastm method splitting tensile strengthastm standards for 3 point bend testastm tensile dogbone sampleastm d882 astm tensile specimens pull test apparatus astm e488astm standards compressive tensileastm standard bend test flexure straintest method astm d-86astm pull testing pull speedastm bending test 4 points ceramicastm methods tear strength paper tongueastm ftm 406coefficient of friction astm standardastm pull test for adhesivesastm d638 specimenastm 3574 test mastm 3 point bending testastm-tensile materialslow cycle fatigue specimen astmastm fatigue test for exercising machineastm mechanical test woodtensile test standards astm metaluniversal testing machine astm astm storage test parametersastm a370-06bolt tensile strength test astmmechanical testing and hernia meshes and astmastm electric actuatorastm tensile test for polymer - test speedastm 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