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Test Systems for Orthopedic Research

Orthopaedic Research Applications

Bone Research

In Vivo Animal Research

Joints, Tissues, Cartilage, Tendons

Muskoskeletal Research

Orthopedic Surgery
Nails, Screws, Fixation devices
Multiaxial & Torsion Tests
Sports Impact Studies

800L with Biobath


Axial Torsional Test Systems

Multichannel systems

Baths - a variety of designs

High resolution (e.g. 24 bit) control Option
Expanded range signal conditioners to increase resolution.
Special software for DMA - dynamic properties characterization
Multi-station Control System
Multi-axial (Axial Torsional) System

Orthopedic Test Systems - More Information

Standard Dual Column Dynamic Test System - Download Brochure - 800L

Horizontal Test Tables - Download Brochure - 500L

Torsion Dynamic Test Systems - Download Brochure - 500LT

Modular biomedical baths - Download Brochure - Biobath Product Line

Affordable static torsional system with dead weight tension or compression loading - Download Brochure 25T Torsion Tester

Planar Biaxial Test System – NEW - performs biaxial tests on hydogels and other gels. Features video based strain control integrated into our control software - Get more info -- Contact Us.

Non-contacting video strain measurement and control - download more info on Video Strain Control

Spinal Devices, Research & Implants


Contact Us Regarding Test Systems for Orthopedic Research

MICRO-STRESS CONCENTRATIONS CRITICAL STRESS INTENSITY FACTOR CORTICAL BONE bone tissue bone in osseous bone in bovine tissue journal tissue ered human bone marrow ratfracture autologous bone grafting bone and sutures vertebral compressive strength cortical bone Biomechanical testing of the locking compression plate Soft tissue tendon graft fixation bone strains and implant displacements strength soft tissue tendon graft-bone tunnel fixation materials testing machines fatigue testing machines compression testing machine artificial hip replacement failed hip replacement defective hip replacement minimally invasive total hip replacement ceramic hip implant tensile tester composite materials testing rubber tensile testing orthopedic spine surgery knee implant surgery bone simulation bone simulatortrabecular and cortical bone strength mechanical characterization stress relaxation creep viscoelastic tensile compression fatigue shear trochanteric soft tissues composite titanium implant musculoskeletal JOINT CARTILAGE collagen gel Orthopadie mechanical properties of articular cartilage TENDON LIGAMENT tension compression confined unconfined compression VETERINARY femoral stems Biomechanical properties of bone and cartilage CARDIOVASCULAR CARDIOPULMONARY CELLULAR SUBCELLULAR membranes DENTAL ORAL FACIAL

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