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Bonding an adhesive to an object or surface produces multiple mechanical, physical, and chemical forces that overlap and influence one another which need to be tested prior to product usage. Test types vary widely due to the number of adhesives, substrates, and applications.

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Test Fixtures and Products per ASTM D3330 (Pressure Sensitive Tape) - including GTB030 90 degree fixtures

General PurposeModel G50 90 Deg Fixture

Medical Packaging (Seal Strength)

ASTM C633 Thermal Spray Coatings ( PDF)

High Strength Adhesives

Lap Shear Tests

ASTM Test Methods for Peel & Adhesion
Adhesive Gypsum Wallboard to wood frame
Adhesion Thermal Spray coatings
ASTM C1135
Tensile Adhesion Structural Sealants
ASTM D  429
Peel; Adhesion Rubber; Rigid Substrates
ASTM D  751
Adhesion Textile; Coated Fabrics; tarps; rainwear; Cut strip method
ASTM D  897
Tensile Adhesive Bonds; metal to metal; tensile buttons
ASTM D  903
Peel; Stripping Flexible; Adhesive Bonds; 180 degrees; metals; plastics; wood; rubber
ASTM D  905
Shear Wood; adhesives; compression
ASTM D 1002
Shear Bonded Joints; metals; Single Lap
ASTM D 1062
Cleavage Metal-to-metal adhesive bond
ASTM D 1184
Flexural Metal or wood adhesive bonded assemblies
ASTM D 1623
Tensile; Adhesion Rigid Cellular; Expanded Plastics
ASTM D 1781
Peel; Climbing Drum T Peel; Metal to Metal; Sandwich
ASTM D 1876
Peel; T test Flexible Adherends
ASTM D 1995
Strength Contact adhesives
ASTM D 2095
Tensile Adhesive by Means of Bar and Rod Specimens
ASTM D 2295
Shear Adhesives; Metal-to-Metal; Elevated Temperatures
ASTM D 2557
Shear Tensile-Shear; Adhesives in Subzero Temp
ASTM D 2918
Adhesive; peel T Peel 
ASTM D 2979
Tack Pressure sensitive adhesives
ASTM D 3163
Shear Lap; Adhesively Bonded Rigid Plastic Tension
ASTM D 3164
Shear Lap-Shear Sandwich Joints; Tension
ASTM D 3165
Shear Single-Lap-Joint Laminated Assemblies - metal-to-metal
ASTM D 3166
Shear Metal to Metal Adhesives
ASTM D 3167
Peel; Floating Roller Adhesives
ASTM D 3354
Adhesion Film to film; unwanted adhesion
ASTM D 3433
Fracture Cleavage of Adhesives
ASTM D 3498
Adhesion Plywood: Lumber
ASTM D 3528
Shear Double Lap; Bonded Joints metals
ASTM D 3762
Wedge Adhesive; Aluminum to Aluminum
ASTM D 3807
Peel; Cleavage Adhesives; Engineering Plastics
ASTM D 3983
Shear Non rigid adhesives; lap shear
ASTM D 4027
Shear Structural adhesives
ASTM D 4501
Shear Adhesive bonds; rigid substrates
ASTM D 5041
Fracture Cleavage of Adhesives
ASTM D 5109
Peel Laminates; Printed Wiring Boards
ASTM D 5170
Peel Hook and Loop Fasteners
ASTM D 5179
Adhesion Adhesion; Coatings to Plastic Substrates
ASTM D 5656
Shear Metal Lap-Shear Joints; Tension Loading
ASTM D 5868
Adhesion Fiber Reinforced Plastics; Lap
ASTM D 6004
Shear Carpet Adhesives
ASTM D 6195
Loop Tack Pressure sensitive adhesives
ASTM D 6252
Peel  90° Peel; label stock; pressure-sensitive; adhesion to steel substrate
ASTM D 6862
Peel Film; 90 Deg Peel Adhesives
ASTM E  229
Shear Structural Adhesives
Peel Seal Strength of Flexible Barrier Materials


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