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Flexural or Bend Tests measure properties of both unrigid and rigid plastics, high-modulus composites and insulating materials. The test measures the force to bend a beam under both three and four point loading conditions. Data is used to select materials for parts to support loads without flexing - sample forms include sheets, plates, or molded shapes

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Pictured at left: G238 Lightweight Bend Fixture (3 Point shown)


Our test systems, software, and accessories help evaluate tensile strength, flexural strength, modulus, shear, puncture, tear, and poisson’s ratio. Mechanical tests characterize or compare a materials ability to withstand stress or to resist straining under loaded conditions and the test system is then used to measure stretch or elongation of the plastic specimen to its breaking point. Tests may simply measure load at failure or they may produce a stress-strain curve to determine tensile modulus.


Flexural modulus indicates a material’s stiffness when flexed. Specimens lie on a support span and load is applied to the center by the loading nose producing bending at a specified rate. The parameters for this test are the support span; loading speed ; and maximum deflection for the test. Testing variables are based on the specimen thickness which is defined differently by ASTM and ISO. The most commonly used specimen size is 3.2mm x 12.7mm x 64mm (0.125" x 0.5" x 2.5") for ASTM -- 10mm x 4mm x 80mm for ISO. Flexural strength, flexural stress at specified strain levels, and flexural modulus can be calculated.

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