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Static Test Machines

Standalone * Static

PC Controlled * Static


Dynamic Test Systems

Dynamic Axial

Torsional Systems

Engineered Systems


Control Upgrades

Dynamic * 2350



Grips, Chambers, Etc

Test Systems * Modular * Configured to Order

TestResources: Fatigue Test Systems; Fatigue Tester; Fatigue Test Machine; Fatigue Testing Equipment   Modular Approach

Our test systems are configured to your requirements by experienced application engineers who select the best controller, load frame, and system sensors for your situation.

Static * Standalone Controlled Machines

Easiest to use * standard constant rate and simple cyclic tests * slower speed quasistatic tests * tensile * compression * flexure * tear * shear * peel * adhesion * bend * friction tests. * Tabletop * Single or 2 Column load frame * variety of actuator choices * adjustable crosshead height * PC data export of stress - strain plots.


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Static * PC Controlled Machines

Flexibility & Power of PC * for test labs where test setups or operators change day to day * includes long list of standard test analyses * load, strain and position controlled tests * PID servocontroller * high speed (1000 / sec) data acquisition * cyclic * sinusoidal waveforms * up to 5 signal conditioners * Single or 2 Column load frames * many actuator choices * adjustable crosshead height.


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Dynamic * Fatigue * Static * Axial Test Systems

Performs all tests * High speed controller with low noise floor * high resolution * user settable transduces ranges * GDS software platform * single or multichannel software control products * applications software for standard tests * software made to order * Servo-All-Electric configurations * tabletop load frames * ServoHydraulic configurations * Speeds to 100 Hz * Loads to 100 kN (22 kip) * horizontal or vertical modes.

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Dynamic * Fatigue * Static * Torsion Systems

Broad selection of static or dynamic control systems * Servo-All-Electric * test carts * test tables sized to order * aluminum extruded tables * vibration isolated tables * mounting brackets * upgradable to Axial-Torsional system.



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Engineered Systems

Biaxial test systems * environmental add-ons * custom frames * multichannel control applications * multiple test stations using single controller * video strain control * Axial-Torsional test systems * planar biaxial test systems


Controller Upgrades
Dynamic * Fatigue * Static Applications

Advanced high speed servocontrol and measurement is key to executation of high quality tests. The 2350 is the fastest and highest resolution controller in the industry and able to independently control up to 8 test stations concurrently.



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Accessories for your test machine

Outfit existing or new test machines with a wide selection of tensile grips, compression fixtures, ovens, bathes, furnaces, specialty fixtures, hydraulic grips and other accessories.


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Static Tests


Stress relaxation

Peel & Adhesion

Tear Strength

Dynamic Tests

Tension-Tension Fatigue
Fatigue Testing

Fatigue Load

Flexural Fatigue
Stress relaxation

Planar Biaxial
Dynamic Characterization
Low Cycle Fatigue

Biaxial - Axial Torsional
Crack Propagation
Elasto-plastic J

Cyclic load control

Cyclic position control

Sinusoidal fatigue (limited)


Materials & Applications
Bones & Joints

Fixation Plates & Screws
Orthopedic Implants
Vascular devices
Polymers & Plastics
Shape Memory Alloys

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