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Planar Biaxial Test Systems for Static, Dynamic and Fatigue Testing

Planar Biaxial test systems perform fatigue life, characterization and basic static tests on a variety of materials to simulate combined loading and strains experienced in actual service conditions.

Our modular test system approach uniquely enables researchers to expand their system from an entry level single axis actuator into a four channel system in stages that match budget or research objectives.



The system includes a test table with
- 4 actuators matched to requirements.
- 2 load cells and stroke sensors.
- Power Packs
- High Resolution Dynamic Servocontroller
- Multichannel Test Software
- Grips
- bath - saline at 37C
- Optional biaxial strain control software (requires camera).

Four actuators are arranged 90 degrees apart. Two master – slave actuators are on one axis and two master – slave actuators are on the other axis. The actuator pair operates in load, strain or position control, ensuring sample center point can be maintained at 0,0 - which is critical in situations where video is used for real time strain control.

The movie shows a test system with four actuators and a large bath testing a large sheet test sample. The actuators are controlled to produce equal and opposite motion and loads on two axis perpendicular to each other. Each axis can be controlled in load, strain or position control. Systems are configured to match each customers load and stroke requirements.


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