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Torsion Test Machines





Grips, Chambers, Etc

Torsional Systems for Static and Fatigue Tests

Modular Product Line - Select optimal motor/actuator, sensors, test tables, and grips enables us to configure test systems to customers specific needs. As part of our applications engineering services, we add custom fixtures and capabilities as required.

Actuators & Motors include
DC Servomotors
AC Servomotors
AC Servomotors with Gearheads
Direct Drive Motors
Servohydraulic Actuators


Static * Stand-alone * Controllers -- QT Series - Entry level torsion testers - for basic standard tests at constant speed or constant torsion loading rate - clockwise (CW) and CCW motion - also sawtooth waveform torque level or position limit cyclic tests. Control torsional load rate and constant angular speed tests between end position or torque limits. Test data displayed, captured and exported to a PC (software optional). QT Systems are easy-to-learn, affordable, and offer high resolution control and measurement.

Configurations - QT Series

Torsion Tests

Rotate to angle
Twist to torque

Constant speed
Constant torque rate
Cycle between end levels

Load controlled fatigue
High Speed impact
Stress Relaxation
Product Service Lifetest
Axial Preload

Biaxial Tests

Tension plus Torsion
Planar Biaxial (XY)


Wires & Catheters
Orthopedic Research

Spinal Devices

Vascular Devices

Automotive Components



Materials Characterization


Dynamic * PC Based * Controllers -- RT Series - for labs and users who want PC based flexibility and power. Latest generation of hardware delivers high speed (1000 samples/sec) data acquisition, increased buffer size (128k points), and up to 5 channels signal conditioning. Software package designed for use in situations where tests or operators change daily (e.g. research or testing service labs). Features include real time plotting and analysis, adjustable data acquisition rates, flexible waveforms, multiple modes of control. RT can generate sinusoidal waveforms and collect data on periodic basis.

Configurations - RT Series


Fatigue * PC Based * Controllers -- LT Series - Premium controller for flexibility and performance. Capable of virtually any mechanical test. Software is configurable for axial, torsional, axial/torsional, multichannel and running multiple test stations. LT Series hardware and software platform features many unique hardware and software features and performance advantages over competing approaches.

Configurations - LT Series

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