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Mechanical Test Accessories

TestResources test machine accessories are available for a wide range of mechanical tensile, compression, shear, flexural, peel, dynamic, and fatigue tests. They are adaptable to other test machine brands. This online catalog shows only selected models from our total product line, so call us with your requirements - we offer no charge applications support and engineered solutions. - NEW!
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Choices include screw side, wedge, pneumatic, hydraulic, and spring loaded action.

Plates, spherical platens, cages, indentor probes, and shear fixtures.


Select span length, width, anvil style, roller length & diameter, and load rating - for testing plastics, metal, composites, ceramics, glass, even foam.

Grips for Wire, Fiber, Rope

Screw, pneumatic, hydraulic action and horn style grips for testing cord, thread, sutures, yarn and fiber.


Includes special fixtures for specific tests - ASTM, ISO, peel, friction, composites, geotextiles, adhesion, sheet metal, button ended , threaded, ribbon, mini-grips, and submersible - many choices.

Test Machine Adapters


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Laser and mechanical units compatible with all test machines; choose gage length, travel and specs.


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