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Static Test Systems

Standalone Controlled

PC Controlled



Dynamic Test Machines



Dynamic Testing Machines * Modular * Configured to Order

TestResources: Fatigue Test Systems; Fatigue Tester; Fatigue Test Machine; Fatigue Testing Equipment   Modular Approach

Each test system is configured to customer requirements by selecting the controller that satisfies all your test control and measurement needs, then selecting an actuator and load frame to satisfy maximum load, speed and space needs, and finally by selecting the load cell and accessories to meet your immediate needs.

800 Series

Servo-All-Electric * Tabletop * 2 Column load frame * multiple actuators * adjustable crosshead height * space for baths, ovens and furnaces * Axial Torsional Options



Most Popular

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100 Series

Servo-All-Electric * Tabletop * 1 Column load frame * ered solutions using aluminum extruded frame parts * flexible frame concept * made to order.



Most Affordable

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200 Series

Servo-All-Electric * Tabletop Miniature load frame * horizontal or vertical modes * where lab space and machine weight are limited * portable machine for field work.



Compact Size

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400 Series

Servo-All-Electric * Product line includes test carts & test tables sized to order * both basic T Slot aluminum extruded component design and vibration isolated tables * linear actuators with mounting brackets * versatile package.



Test Table


Planar Biaxial

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500 Series

Servo-All-Electric * Same test tables as 400 Series * torsional motors and mounting brackets * static and dynamic tests.



Test Tables


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600 Series

For higher forces * Actuator strokes and load ratings to match needs * for materials and component testing applications * power packs available. .



Servo-Hydraulic Actuators

900 Series

High force load frames * metals fatigue & fracture research * orthopedic research * includes actuator, servovalve, load cell, LVDT, load frame, controller and pump.





Dual Column

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2350 Servocontroller

Advanced high speed servocontrol and measurement is key to executation of high quality tests. The 2350 is the fastest and highest resolution controller in the industry and able to independently control up to 8 test stations concurrently.




1 to 8 Station

Multi Axis

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Static Tests


Stress relaxation

Peel & Adhesion

Tear Strength

Dynamic Tests

Tension-Tension Fatigue
Fatigue Testing

Fatigue Load

Flexural Fatigue
Stress relaxation

Planar Biaxial
Dynamic Characterization
Low Cycle Fatigue

Biaxial - Axial Torsional
Crack Propagation
Elasto-plastic J

Cyclic load control

Cyclic position control

Sinusoidal fatigue (limited)


Materials & Applications
Bones & Joints

Fixation Plates & Screws
Orthopedic Implants
Vascular devices
Polymers & Plastics
Shape Memory Alloys

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