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Static & Fatigue Testers for ASTM & ISO Tests -- Upgrades - Fixtures - Accessories

We offer many types of tensile, compression and fatigue test machines and universal testers.

Stand-alone Controlled Machines
Affordable test machines for tension & compression tests. Test data is captured and exported to analysis programs.

Servo-All-Electric Systems -- High Performance Static & Fatigue Test Systems - Flexible test systems that cover wide performance bandwidth. Performs any test. Multi-axis and multi station configurations available.

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PC Controlled Test Machines
For laboratories where test methods, setups, reports, or operators change day to day.


Servo-hydraulic Systems
For high force (50 kN / 11000 lb) applications - metals tests, civil ering, automotive and aerospace applications. Multi-axis and multi station configurations available.

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Torsional Test Systems

Static & Fatigue Torsional Test Systems - configured to customer requirements.

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- Baths and environmental systems
- Grips
- Extensometers
- Platens
- Bend Fixtures
- Software

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We offer many types of tensile, compression and fatigue test machines and universal testers. adhesion dental astm d5034 c633 d638 d3330 d1621 specifications d3574 test methods d3787 c-633 specs d1784 d412 d6272 testing f88 f1717 d-638 d1894 - astm d-3330 d1683 d-5034 method a360 d903 -d5034 e1820 d5868 d5034 astm c393 d3039 d6862 specification d429 2077 foam c1499 test method d2724 astm specifications - d5034 d-882 d3330 e399 d4255 d575 c947 d5034 astm d3518 c 633 coefficient of friction tensile test cof c158 d2256 d905 d5528 astm d6252 d624 e661 d3479 d-1621 pdf e8 e1012 - astm peel test d1036 e466 d897 d790 fixture d540 materials c365 astm d1623 ifd 3574 d76 3 point bend d3163 d395 adhesive testing d5034 astm pdf e813 d2861 4 point bend d5467 adhesives -d3330 d3500 pull test astm for adhesives d903 d1876 d3167 c633 peel bend test 4 point bending astm iso 527 d1876 d2344 coefficient of friction d671 d1871 test methods astm tensile test d5045 f1575 d1784 e517 90 degree peel test d461 d-3787 astm e606 tensile dogbone e190 d1781 d3163 d5868 d 3574 d1894 pdf d1621 astm d3762 3 point bend test _testing d 638 d3787 c 633 d3044 3 point astm bending test fixtures d1414 foam and tensile test d3807 d3330 d2719 astm adhesive f459 d3574 pdf d1682 d3167 d5961 testing d3410 d790 .pdf astm e646 tensile modulus wood methods ball burst f1717 test blocks astm d3574 d3574 e1290 c297 f1717 testing e72 d 638 c633 adhesive thin astm film d828 ball burst test d 5034 adhesive test c1018 e9 d1621 3 point bend astm d638 test foam testing d5035 d1002 d952 grab test d 882 d143 d3822 d3574 astm tensile d3574 d3330 ravel strip test - foam test d790-3 a360 astm specifications e238 film tensile a-360 specimen d3528 d461 d5868 f1717 astm fatigue d1621 c-633 -a360 f1717 a356 d5034 e345 specifications astm d5868 c364 spec uhmwpe f1717 d-1784 foam compression test tensile plastic astm film column test c273 d790 specimen size test methods d6272 g149 astm adhesives ifd four point bending method bending test e8 steel d3330 astm method d3574 test -e8 tensile plastics d952 test textiles fixture d3846 astm d2261 d6641 cof 90 degree peel grab clamps d5034 foams standard for 3 point astm bend test film 4 point bending test 3574-b1 c394 d4761 tensile astm adhesive tests dogbone f1798 gage length suture tensile astm strength d3574 test equipment d3574 e647 lap shear testing .d5034 - astm specimen tensile download d3330 peel test tensile test astm d638 parameters 882 cutter definition of d5034 d1621 software breaking strength astm d5034 d1621 d412 iso 527 iso 527 specs specs specs astm f1717 test equipment seal strength per f 88 -d3787 flex test foam testing d1682 astm tensile textiles _specification d540 textiles f88 seal strength tensile astm properties foam compression compression set d395 -d3574 d3043 iso 527 astm lap shear grip separation foam test spec s grab tensile astm test ensayo torsion d5034 testing machines d5379 on adhesives d790 astm crosshead speed methods 3point bending size test methods spine test d3330 astm sample d3574 foam compression peel strength peeling test four point bending - astm 3574 test b1 compression foam test plastic compression astm testers film tensile 4 point bending 3-point test tests d3822 peel testing d1621 astm d5109 d341 shear modulus for a 401 material test d5034 pdf test astm methods tensile t peel .method d3787 ball burst d3787 thin film testing astm ifd test e229 para tension spine testing e1300 d5034 grab e855 method d-3330 d-3574 adhesives c293 trademark of Corporation.

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