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Fatigue Test Apparatus - Dynamic Testing Applications

Performing a load or position controlled fatigue test requires a servocontrolled test machine. Fatigue testing machines historically have been servohydraulic or servocontrol of a hydraulic actuator.

TestResources has innovated a series of servo-all-electric test machines (see 800L Series) that provide closed loop control of an actuator that only requires electric power. These machines have served the needs for tabletop machines that are capable of performing both static and dynamic testing of materials and products at force ratings below 22000 lb.

Servohydraulic actuators are higher cost but remain best fits for applications where high loads are combined with the need for high speeds, or high frequencies. Our servohydraulic testing machines (See 900LX Series) are supplied with our modular servocontroller.

Our modular test system enables both types of actuators.

Although they have become standardized, a fatigue test machine, as a rule of thumb costs twice as much as a static machine, since it can perform both types of tests. If your material, product or device experiences cyclic loading in tension and compression, or repeated loading, then you may need a fatigue tester, because the behavior of your product will differ from a static loaded condition.

Test parameters to configure a test system include load, test frequency, sample stiffness, test method type, sample geometry, and strain amplitude.


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