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2370 Series Control Systems

Digital Controllers for Static & Fatigue Tests
The 2370 Series offers the latest in electronic performance, functionality and cost savings. It is packaged in two hardware configurations that use a unified modular software structure. The combined platform offers unmatched capabilities in mechanical testing applications. The 2370 provides the platform for us to serve customers with either turnkey solutions for customers wanting to upgrade their older test machine, retrofit or replace obsolete control systems or solutions for do-it-yourselfers wanting to build a test machine themselves. We offer the hardware, software, field services and long term support to customers who already have MTS and load frames, hydraulic power packs and actuators. We have been upgrading systems for over a decade and bring the experience of multichannel and multi-station upgrades as well.
A Blazing Technology Platform
The 2370 controllers are highly integrated hardware and software solutions capable of performing virtually any mechanical test on any test machine - whether its electromechanical, servohydraulic, servo-all-electric, or servopneumatic.
2370 and 2370MS

A brief review of the 2370 hardware shows a platform capable of handling the range of needs from a single actuator up to 16 actuators - whether in a single rig or multiple frames or a combination of the two. Each control channel handles up to FIVE feedback channels - all offering expanded transducer ranging with 24 bit range resolution. Combined with the high speed (12.5 kHz) data acquisition and 40 bit calculations on loop closure - this controller delivers unmatched measurement and control resolution. Put this claim to the test! Call us.

2370 Entry Level Servocontroller - 24 bit hardware platform
* Compact Enclosure with 110V or 220V Power Supply
* Servo control * 8 digital control bits * 8 digital sense bits
* Four feedback channels (load, strain bridge, LVDT or High Level 10V, encoder)

2370MS Expandable Servocontroller - 24 bit hardware platform
* 19" Rack Enclosure with 110V or 220V Power Supply
* up to 16 channels of Servo control * 48 digital control bits * 32 digital sense bits
* EIGHTY feedback channels (load, strain bridge, LVDT or High Level 10V, encoder)

2370MS Control Software - 32 bit software platform - GDS Compatible
* Compatible with both controllers
* MachineBuilder Software for calibration, machine setup, servotuning (PID, adaptive control, etc)
* TestBuilder Software -- command generation, data acqusition, analysis, report generation

* ApplicationBuilder Development Software - Visual Basic, Lab Windows, Labview compatible

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2370 Controller (PDF)

Global Data Sharing * GDS Software (PDF)

Low Noise * High resolution (PDF)


Application Engineered Systems - Movie Gallery
The following represent just a few of the fully application ered systems we have built:







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