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Test Systems, Controller Upgrades, Accessories

We offer many types of tensile, compression and fatigue test machines and universal testers. Call us for no charge applications ering support. Note that our grips may be used with virtually any other test machine brand – using adapters available from TestResources.

Standalone Controlled Test Systems

Affordable digital controller performs constant speed and load tests. Stress and strain data is captured and exported to analysis programs.

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All-electric Static & Dynamic Test Systems

Servoelectric static and dynamic test systems perform tests on materials and components - including tensile, compression and fatigue testing - without need for any additional air, hydraulics, water, or special utilities. for biomedical, electronics and materials research. Single axis or multiaxis systems capable of loads up to 25 kN (5500 LB).

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PC Controlled Universal Test Systems

Flexible and powerful software driven controllers for research and quality test applications. PC based controllers are for labs where tests change from day to day. or where data analysis is part of the test process.

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Servohydraulic Test Systems for Fatigue & Dynamic tests

Our test systems simulate single and multiaxis service conditions and are used by researchers for fatigue and fracture research.

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Control System Upgrades

Modernize your test frame with latest in electronic reliability and software flexibility. We upgrade and replace Universal electromechanical and hydraulic test machines, and servohydraulic fatigue test systems.

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We offer a huge selection of testing accessories, including grips, fixtures, load cells, extensometers, environmental chambers, furnaces and software to enhance your system
- Tensile Grips
- Extensometers
- Platens
- Adapters
- Bend Fixtures
- Software

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