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State-of-the-art testing technology to test pipes with through axial cracks subject to internal pressure

Standard Features

Double Automated pipe-end sealing technology

Double seals to ensure spill-free operation

Suited to toxic and radioactive environments

Option of remote operation

Crack patching without restraint on crack opening

Custom sealing processes for custom geometries

Elevated temperature testing (proven to 3000 C)

Servo-control with digital precision

Choice of pressure, displaced volume or crack opening displacement control

Pressure and K-controlled fatigue crack growth

Decreasing-K fatigue pre-cracking

COD-controlled ductile fracture test to instability

Incremental crack extension from unloading compliance

Acoustic emission and AC/DC Potential Drop options


Structural integrity of pressure vessels

Pressure vessels with through cracks

Research on bi-axiality effects

Research on size and shape effects

Durability testing

Service pressure history simulation

Fatigue crack growth

K-controlled testing, threshold studies

Residual strength & fracture toughness

ASTM E1820 including J1c

Elevated temperature testing




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2370 Controller (PDF)

Global Data Sharing * GDS Software (PDF)

Low Noise * High resolution (PDF)

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