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Soft and Hard Tissue Testing - Test Equipment Trends

Tissue Test

Over the last ten years, the volume and diversity of mechanical tests of tissues has expanded greatly in both soft and hard tissue engineering applications.

Viscoelastic characterization
Stimulation and growth
Static and Fatigue tests

Tests are necessary to develop artificial replacements, develop healing protocols, or re-use tissue. Much is not known about the body and its organs and tissues, but some things we know: every component is integrated to provide a systemic response suited for the development of life.

We offer multiple choices for test machines because research needs remain diverse. Research continues to expand with planar biaxial and multichannel control applications.

Standard affordable test machines are available for educators setting up undergraduate teaching labs.

  • Selection of tissue grips and fixtures
  • Modular line of biomedical bathes
  • Viscoelastic Test software
  • Up to 16 stations per control system
  • Non contacting strain control


Test Systems for Tissue Engineering

Static, Dynamic and Fatigue Test Systems - Servo-all-Electric

Micromechanical Testing with high resolution control of load and strain - 2370 Controller Tech Note

Modular line of biomedical baths for mechanical testing - Biobaths

Non-contacting video strain measurement and control - VE23 Video Strain Control

Planar Biaxial Test System


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