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Flexural Testing


Flexural Tests measure properties of both unrigid and rigid plastics, high-modulus composites and insulating materials. The test measures the force to bend a beam under both three and four point loading conditions. Data is used to select materials for parts to support loads without flexing - sample forms include sheets, plates, or molded shapes.

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Pictured at left: G238 Lightweight Bend Fixture (3 Point shown)

Flexural modulus indicates a material’s stiffness when flexed. Specimens lie on a support span and load is applied to the center by the loading nose producing bending at a specified rate. The parameters for this test are the support span; loading speed ; and maximum deflection for the test.

Testing variables are based on the specimen thickness which is defined differently by ASTM and ISO. The most commonly used specimen size is 3.2mm x 12.7mm x 64mm (0.125" x 0.5" x 2.5") for ASTM -- 10mm x 4mm x 80mm for ISO. Flexural strength, flexural stress at specified strain levels, and flexural modulus can be calculated.

For more information - see ASTM D790 (3 Point); ASTM D6272 (4 Point)

G103 - Bend Fixture rated to 4500 pounds
G22-360 Bend Fixtures with multiple rollers
  Model 3540 Displacement Gage mounted in 3 point test

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