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Low Cycle Fatigue (LCF) and High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) Tests of Metals

The broad need to test metals to match their intended applications has led the test machine industry to develop test systems, software and accessories. Our product line is capable of both ambient and high temperature low cycle fatigue which requires high quality servocontrollers, high response extensometry and specially designed samples grips that ensure high alignment for the thru zero tests.

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Having the experience of working with Jo Morrow at the University of Illinois, test system development engineers now with TestResources have proven themselves with pioneers in metals fatigue research.

Today most LCF, HCF and crack growth tests are performed for quality audits and the test method is established. We offer standard test applications software to serve those needs.

Research continues on however, and the work conducted by the University of Arkansas (Dr. Ashok Saxena) remains on the leading edge and is performed using several TestResources high temperature servohydraulic machines by researchers focused on improving and understanding mechanical behavior of metals at both ambient and high temperatures. Time-dependent fracture mechanics and low - cycle strain controlled fatigue experiments continue to contribute to the development of improved understanding of microstructure-property relationships, reliability and risk analysis and ultimately how to extend the life of aging structural components.

A 900LX2 test system was specially optimized for ambient and high temperature strain controlled low cycle fatigue (LCF) tests. Special uniquely designed hydraulically operated mechanical grips maintain the critical alignment and zero-backlash needs for the test which cycles back and forth from tension into compression in strain control. Sample insertion takes minutes and can be done by students without effort. The system includes fatigue test software that controls the test and analyses results automatically according to ASTM E606. And with the GDS software platform, researchers can create their own special applications.

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