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Test Systems for Biomaterials

Biomaterial Test Applications

Our customers include researchers who perform static and fatigue tests on new materials in biomedical applications. They want to perform viscoelastic characterization of elastomers and polymer based solids, as well as stress relaxation and creep tests on linear viscoelastic materials such as hydrogels.

Mechanical tests include elastic modulus and strength (tension and compression), viscoelastic properties, and endurance or fatigue tests.


Solid gels

New polymer-based materials

New elastomeric materials
Indentation Tests
Stress - Strain Characterization
Loss angle, complex modulus
Stress Relaxation

800L with Biobath


Specialized tensile grips, compression platens and fixtures

Long stroke actuators for large strain tests

Biological baths

Video or laser extensometry to control sample strain rate
High resolution (e.g. 24 bit) control system both stress & strain control
Expanded range signal conditioners to further increase resolution.
Special software for dynamic properties characterization
High Bandwidth actuators – linear and torsional
Ability to control multiaxial states of stress (Axial Torsional)

Biomaterial Test Systems

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Static and Fatigue Test Systems

Biomedical Accessories - Biobaths & Fixtures


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