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Biomedical Device Static & Fatigue Test Applications

Fatigue Testing of Implants and Devices


Mechanical endurance or fatigue tests are required on any device placed inside the human body. Most test standards include both Static and Fatigue protocols to simulate the loaded conditions - especially all orthopedic and vascular devices.

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Photo - VASCULAR FATIGUE TEST - Model 800LM High Frequency Test System with saline bath and multiple samples undergoing long term fatigue testing.


Orthopedic devices also require fatigue tests - including spinal Implants and devices.

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Photo - Model 800LE (saline bath not shown) - performing spinal implant fatigue tests per ASTM test standards.

Device Testing at a Testing Service Provider - Static Tension and Compression Tests

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Tensile and compression tests are required on virtually all devices - whether for use in the body or not. Our products and their applications cover the gamut and include low force medical device testers; biomaterials biaxial testers; tissues and joints; tensile testers; compression testers; biomaterials and biomechanics research.

- Sutures

- Medical textiles

- Needles

- Contact lenses

- Tubing

- Catheter guide wires

- Disposable pouches

- Medical gloves

- Plastic components

- Nitinol materials and products

- Orthopedic devices

- Hydrogel based products

- Screws

- Fixation devices

- Plates


- Vascular grafts

- Endovascular grafts

- Stent-grafts

- Hernia mesh

- Urinary incontinence slings

- Suture pledgets

- Suture line buttresses

- Vascular patches

- Heart valve sewing cuffs

- Artificial ligaments

- Peelable medical package seals

- Tyvek

- Thermoformed trays

- Knot testing


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