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Lap Shear tests are a common way to determine the shear strength of adhesives for bonding materials and to test welds (plastics and metals). A lap shear test is primarily comparative, since the end results and test method are unlikely to match expected end usage.

Typically two specimens are bonded with adhesive. Depending on the specific test method chosen, the test specimens are pulled rather slowly -- 0.05 in/min being common -- until failure. ASTM D5868 is applied to test fiber reinforced plastic, and specifies 0.5 in/min. keywords include fatigue testing testing adhesion adhesion for fiber reinforced plastic adhesion test adhesion tester lap shear test adhesive over adhesive testing adhesives astm d5868 belt pull testers belt testers bonding test equipment fatigue dinamic test on adhesive fixture fixture combined loading compression test fixture grips joints sandwich structures lap adhesive test lap testing lap shear test resistencia solder joint test specimen strenght composites strenght of adhesives strength strength testing tensil tensile lap shear test tensometer test test adhesive test adhesive astm test applications test equipment test fixtures for tensile pullers test for adhesives lap shear test test machine test metal specimens test method test of adhesives test specimens lap shear test test standard fatigue test welds tester testers testing testing testing fixture testing for adhesives testing glass equipment lap shear test testing machine testing method testing methods testing of adhesives lap shear testlap shear adhesion tensile grips lap shear adhesion testing astm d3163 d5868 lap shear bonding jig lap shear d1002 lap shear fixture lap shear joint strength lap shear machines lap shear strenght lap shear strength lap shear strength test astm d1002 lap shear strength test instrument lap shear tensile test lap shear tensile testing lap shear test equipment lap shear test fixture lap shear test nails lap shear test on ctc lap shear test pull test lap shear test sls lap shear testing machine lap shear tests plastics lap sheer strength lap tensile test lap-shear bonding of adhesives lapshear test lap-shear-test lap-sheer test astm d1002 single astm d3163 astm double astm double joint adhesive astm on single joint astm over specimens astm test astm fatigue testing bur tensile strength c test lap shear c tests for hungarian cable pull test instrument d composites what is sheer test dell 930 top double for metal rod double lap dual test dynamic test for adhesives equipment test lap shear explanation of extensometer for testing grip in test of rubber how to test for test lap lap shear lap adhesion testing lap test astm lap test fixtures lap test for contact adhesive lap testing lap shear lap weld tensile testing material testing grips mechanical ering metal metal bonding strength over peel adhesion over strength and 90 degree peel test lap shear over test over test astm over test for adhesives lap shear over testing for adhesives peel and seal over peel test pull test fatigue lap lap shear single compression test single joint tensile single ped joint wood single testing standard test lap shear steel substrate system equipment tensile strength test welded joint tensile test tensile test on screwed joints pvc. tensile testing test jig test materials adhesive testing applications adhesive lap shear used tester what is adhesion strength what is strength what is test what is the test for adhesion In that method, two specimens, each 1" x 4" are bonded together with adhesive so that the overlap is sufficient to provide failure in the adhesive, and not in the substrate.

ASTM REF: ASTM D3163, D5868

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