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Bend Testers and Flexural Test Machines

TestResources universal test machines perform both flexural and bend tests when configured with bend fixture accessories that might include three or four point bend fixtures, high-low temperature chambers and optional deflectometers. Our universal test machines not only perform bend and flexural tests, but perform other static tensile and compression tests when outfitted with appropriate accessories.

Deflection Measurement Options

To perform accurate measurements of bend or flexural modulus and any yield strength data, your system must include a high precision accurate measurement of test sample deflection. Crosshead movement is normally measured with digital encoders, and they may not be acceptable as your sole path to measuring sample deflection. We offer LVDTs and precision strain gage based deflectometers.

Type Max Force Test Types Controls
100 Series Modular Electromechanical 10 kN (2250 lb) Tension and Compression Q and R Series
300 Series Dual Column Electromechanical 600 kN (135 kip) Tension and Compression Q and R Series
800 Series Fatigue Electrodynamic 50 kN (11 kip) Tension and Compression L Series
420 Series Guided Bend Hydraulic Fixture 50 ton (110 kip) Tension and Compression Not Required
Bend Tester Single Column Table Top Mounted
Bend Tester Dual Column
Cyclic Bend Tester for Electronics
Guided Bend Tester

100 Series Modular Low Force Bend Test Machines

100 Series universal test machines are modular tabletop testing solutions capable of bend testing applications. Load capacities range up to 10 kN (2250 lb). Bend test applications include several choices of load frame types including single column, dual column, and horizontal load frames. Modular actuators are available with various load and speed ranges. Most actuators are capable of test speeds up to 500 mm/min (20 ipm). Also the product line includes several controllers - from standalone controllers to fully flexible multichannel controllers. Our modular approach ensures you get exactly what you want or need at the lowest possible price. Modularity also ensures future needs can be satisfied easily and affordably, since the load frame, actuator and controller can all be upgraded as requirements evolve.

300 Series High Force Bend Test Machines

300 Series dual column test machines come in a variety of models including both tabletop and floor standing. These electromechanical load frames all feature a variety of standard and extended test spaces for large sample sizes and space for environmental chambers. The design features robust high quality ball screws for long life at full scale loading. Frame options include extended long columns and wide width column spacing. The 300 series dual column frames feature load ratings from 5 kN to 600 kN (1125 lb to 135 kip). Controllers and test software options make it possible to perform a wide range of tensile, compression, shear, flexure, peel, adhesion, friction, tear, cyclic, and flexural bend tests.

800 Series Bend Test Machines for Fatigue and Dynamic Tests

800 Series electrodynamic test systems deliver high speed actuator performance needed for dynamic and fatigue testing applications. They can be configured to perform static, dynamic and fatigue bend and flexure testing applications. Due to our unique modular approach, test machines are available in a wide variety of configurations that are application engineered to meet your specific test needs. Dynamic all electric actuators produce forces to 100 kN (22,500 lb) force capacity. Our actuators perform stable, easy to control static tests as well as cyclical fatigue tests to 20 hz. High speed dynamic test applications are possible at speeds to 5 m/s (200 in/s).

420 Series Bend Test Machines for Guided Bend Tests

420 series Tensile and Bend test fixtures are available for guided bend and tensile testing applications. These easy to use dedicated systems include a small load frame, hydraulic power pack and fixtures for bend testing applications.