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Servohydraulic Test Systems & Controller Upgrades

Digital Controller & Software Products - the heart of our dynamic systems

Our 2350 Series Advanced Digital Controller with associated 2350 Software Products satisfy both static and dynamic testing needs, and is compatible with servohydraulic, servoelectric, electrodynamic actuators and linear motors.

2350 Hardware & Firmware

The 2350 servocontroller handles any dynamic testing application including materials research, medical device testing and component fatigue tests. This intelligent controller offers high speed (20 kHz) and resolution (24 bit) hardware via a PC with a USB port. Downloadable firmware expands capability to 8 control channels and 64 data acquisition channels.

2350 Series Software Products

Software is the key to being able to control the system and get desired results. We offer a variety of proven products and tool to meet the needs of researchers and test ers alike.

MTL Control Software - a core single channel control product
M Channel Control Software - a core multi channel control product
•  Applications Software - standard static & fatigue materials and component applications.
•  Global Data Sharing (GDS) Tools - applications developers may create their own solutions.
Application Solutions - made to order additions to the core products.
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2350 Controller (PDF)

Materials, Structural and Component Test Systems
Our solutions are proven to meet the special needs of researchers and production test ers alike. Our open product structure is ered to expand and enable customization which is so commonly needed by our customers who are typically involved in developing cutting edge products.

900L Series Material Test Systems

For static and dynamic tests of metals, metal substitutes, advanced materials, manufactured components and biomedical devices.

SPECIAL (all electric) systems – to 25 kN

Tabletop servohydraulic test systems – to 25 kN
•  Floor Style servohydraulic test systems – to 100 kN
•  Floor Style axial torsional systems – 10kN /100 Nm
Metals Research (Fracture & Fatigue)
Biomedical Research and Medical Devices

50 kN system with furnace and potential drop for metalic fatigue and fracture reearch at University of Arkansas (Dr. Ashok Saxena) - Learn More ...
600L Series Component Test Systems

For durability tests on subassemblies and components in automotive, aerospace and civil ering applications.

Fatigue Rated Actuators

Automotive Component Testing
•  Multichannel Test Software
•  Civil ering Applications
Aerospace Test Rigs
Shoc k Absorber / Strut / Front-Fork Systems

Three channel wheel test system with digital controls

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Application ered Systems - Movie Gallery
The following represent just a few of the fully application ered systems we have built:

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