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Servocontrolled Torsional Test Systems


Standalone QT Controllers - Entry level package for repetitive standard tests where continuous rotation (CW and CCW) or sawtooth cyclic testing is desired. Controls torsional loading rate and angular velocity within position or load limits. Most standard tests can be performed by users having no prior testing experience. Test data can be monitored in real time, captured and exported to programs such as Microsoft Excel. QT controllers are easy-to-learn, affordable with high resolution measurement and control. Upgrades to RT and LT.

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Torsion Tests

Rotate to position limit
Torque to load limit

Constant speed
Constant load rate
Cyclic Sawtooth

Sinusoidal Fatigue
Stress Relaxation

Biaxial Tests

Axial plus Torsion
Planar Biaxial (XY)


PC Based RT Controllers - For labs and customers who want more flexibility and are performing mostly static CW and CCW tests. This package is fit for researchers, testing service labs and situations where tests or operators change day to day - so the benefits of a flexible and expansive software based control system are appreciated. The RT can even do limited (see buffer size) fatigue or cyclic tests.

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Premium LT Controllers - includes everything needed to conduct virtually any mechanical test - including long term fatigue tests. Features include high (24 bit) resolution signal conditioners, expanded ranges, expansion cards, multichannel control, multistation software, high speed data acquisition, software development toolkit, Global Data Sharing (GDS) technology, and applications developed to your special needs.

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Torsional static and fatigue tests are served with systems that are configured from a wide selection of torsional actuators and motors - coupled to a servocontroller and software matched to needs. 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