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ASTM D3330 Peel Testing Tape

ASTM D3330 is a common test method used to measure adhesion bond strength of single and double-coated tapes. This international standard is divided into six different sections, Methods A through F. For all methods, apply a strip of tape to a steel panel and peel test the tape at a rate of 5 mm/s (12 in/min) using a peel testing machine. TestResources has a full line of precise peel test machines mounted with the right grips to match your specimen. We also recommend a tape roller to apply a consistent rate of force when setting up your samples.

Test Method A

ASTM D3330 Test Method A is for those testing single-coated tape samples at a 180 degree angle. This Method measures the amount of force it takes to peel the tape sample back at a consistent rate. For this test, create a 300-mm specimen of tape to be tested and fold 12 mm at one end, adhesive to adhesive to form a tab. Touch the other end of the specimen to an end of the test panel. Next, hold the other end of the tape so that it does not make contact with the panel but is positioned loosely above it. Apply the tape to a panel evenly using a roller. Double back the folded end of the tape at an angle of 180 degrees and peel 25 mm of the tape from the panel. Clamp the end of the panel into the grip and the free end of the tape into the other jaw. Consider a CRE machine to maintain precise rate of pull.

Test Method B

Test Method B of ASTM C3330 also gives a measure of the adherence to the backing of a single-coated tape. After applying a sample of the tape to a steel panel, apply a second strip of the tape to the backing of the first strip, carefully aligning the edges of the specimen. Fold a tab of the tape and double back at an angle of 180 degrees. Next, clamp the panel into moveable jaw of testing machine and free end of tape into the other jaw.

Test Method C

Method C of ASTM C3330 calculates adherence for double-coated tape. Make sure to test the face-side adhesion using a steel panel, liner side up. Next, remove the liner and the exposed adhesive covered with a strip of thin polyester film. The resulting tape is then tested for 180 degree peel adhesion.

Test Method D

ASTM C3330 Test Method D measures the adherence of the release liner to the adhesive of either single- or double-coated tape. As with the other methods, apply the tape to a steel panel. Next, peel the liner from the adhesive in the same manner as in peeling a single-coated tape from a standard panel.

Test Method E

Test Method E measures adherence of adhesive transfer tape using a 180 degree peel test. Place the sample adhesive side down on a steel test panel. For Method E, the liner is removed and a 0.025-mm thick strip of polyester is adhered to form a film-backed strip of tape. In a liner-side application, the transfer tape is applied to a strip of 0.025-mm thick polyester film, liner removed and the resulting tape.

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