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Bose® Electroforce® 3330Compared to TestResources 800L Series


Electrodynamic actuators have been around for over 50 years but it wasn’t until the developments in materials and manufacturing technology made them viable for test machine usage. In the late 1990’s TestResources was one of the first test machine companies to recognize that breakthrough technologies had made servo electric and electro dynamic actuators not just a viable alternative but the best choice for low force static and dynamic testing applications.


Materials and manufacturing innovation have made tremendous changes in the cost, performance and endurance of actuators and motors loosely termed ‘electrodynamic’. The impact of the innovation relegated servo hydraulic test machines to their proper applications – a diminishing part of the market — e.g. high force test applications where loads were greater than 20000 lb (90 kN).

Electrodynamic innovations have continued to flourish including increased load capacities, long life, friction free, maintenance free and green power efficiencies that double their value over servo hydraulics. TestResources now has systems in the field with billions of cycles on them. Also TestResources systems are now available with load capacities in excess of 11,250 lb (50 kN).

800L Series Electrodynamic Test Machines

TestResources - the best choice for Electrodynamic Test Machines


Not only is TestResources one of the first to use this technology, but we also took a new approach to test machine design. We cleverly call it Smart Design. We chose to focus on the best approach to serve mainstream applications (the vast majority of the testing market) rather than to make a ‘one size fits all’ instrument that forces compromises in value on all users. TestResources determined that high frequency applications drive up costs for customers of moderate frequency applications. Not only that, but TestResources found they were able to provide machines that meet over 95% of all ASTM, ISO, JEDEC specifications for about HALF THE PRICE. And with more than twice the stroke the machine is able to run many tests that machines with limited stroke can’t.


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