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Instron® Tabletop Model 3365 Series Compared to TestResources 310Q Series

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Electromechanical test machines have been around for almost 70 years but it wasn’t until the developments in materials and manufacturing technology and software development that has made them truly affordable while retaining their inherant flexible nature as 'universal' test machines.

Instron 3300 Series universal test machines have also evolved to become positioned as Instron's line of 'most affordable' test machines. It is true that the 3300 series is affordable compared to Instron's expensive 5900 Series.


TestResources manufactures a wide selection of standard electromechanical test machines with over 500 test accessories for tension and compression test applications. When it comes to specific comparisons between Instron and TestResources, TestResources solution is less expensive and truly affordable, typically costing approximately HALF PRICE of a comparable Instron.

Beginning in the late 1990's, TestResources products, including almost 100 test machines and over 500 test fixtures and accessories, were made to be much more affordable because of our new Smart Design approach to manufacturing. The key to our Smart Design philosophy was to design products for their most common applications, not for out-lyer or marginal applications that push requirements and manufacturing costs higher and higher. We were able to meet the vast majority of customers needs by delivering a pragmatic mainstream solution.

In our experience, first time test machine buyers need to perform a few known and relatively standard test applications and so they need an affordable turnkey solution so that they can economically justify the purchase of a machine. Generally speaking, for these users, the test machine must perform your tests efficiently, accurately and inexpensively.

Contact us now to confirm your application is served by our Smartly Designed 200 or 300 Series line of universal test machines.

Electromechanical Test Machines

TestResources - the best choice for Electromechanical Test Machines


TestResources has pioneered a new approach to test machine design. We cleverly call it SMART DESIGN. Our design process begins by gathering test applications information to identify the machine design requirements for each universal test machine. Typically each machine performs over 1000 ASTM, ISO, EN, DIN and JEDEC industry standard test methods. These requirements became our baseline expectations for test machine performance.

Our design team follows the 95/50 RULE which means that TestResources Electromechanical Test machines target 95% of the full range of applications served by Instron’s 3300 Series at 50% of the price or cost of a comparable Instron. Our business strategy has been to deliver machines optimized to common static test applications, including the vast majority of industry standard tests. With our Q/XYLive controller, we can even perform cyclic tests. The 5% that are not covered tend to be associated with tests that require more than two segments of machine control. Those applications are served by our 300R Series test machines that are slightly higher in price.


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More info about Electromechanical Test Machines and your applications


Why do you want to talk with an Application Engineer? We have found that it helps customers to discuss the details of their applications with an experienced test engineer. Even for those experienced with testing it is not unusual for our engineers to uncover an overlooked consideration or even a misunderstanding about the requirements in a published standard test method. Add to this the fact that we have the widest variety of product offerings and it is really worth your while to spend 30 minutes talking with one of our engineers.

Discussions help because our customers tend to have testing applications with some unique consideration. Customers who are new to testing tend to consider training to be very important. Some customers want to key in on how the measurement is taken, or how the fixture might be engineered for their unique test sample. Generally, we find that each customer's test sample is unique and we also know that the presentation of the test report is especially critical to get right.


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