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We also offer control system upgrades and a broad line of new general purpose test machines as summarized below.
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TestResources accessories are compatible with all test machines - using adapters available from TestResources.






























  compression fixture fixtures compression tests concrete cubes vega utm with shear testing fixture spherically seated compression platen support jig fixture astm d695 utm machine bolt test fixtures tensile test fixtures and grips, thread thread tension fixture tensile bar fixture amsler shear fixture 3 point tensile fixtures zen flex lighting fixtures ilss test fixture testing f1717 clevis fixture screwdriver fixture asme b107 fixture machining filetype pdf double blind shear fixture clevis joint fixture dynamic mechanical analysis fixtures bending fixtures for steel climbing drumb test fixture astm d790 jig 90 degreee peel test fixture mil std 1312 test fixture d5748 test fixtures coupon bend test jig for welds test fixtures minnesota astm d671 fixture 90 peel fixture eyeglass frame bending fixture aws bend fixture lap shear test fixtures for tensile pullers fixture and grip for testing bolts in tension compression fixture for urethanes lap shear test fixtures small bending fixtures 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