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  TestResources offers test fixtures, ovens, grips and other test machine accessories compatible with many popular test machine brands.
We also offer control system upgrades and a broad line of new general purpose test machines as summarized below.
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Test Equipment
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TestResources accessories are compatible with all test machines - using adapters available from TestResources.






























  test fixture for board flexure tube shear cure fixture tube shear test fixture tube tension flexure test fixture nanotube steel type a 4 pt flexure fixture type g124 fixture tyre fixtures for testing tyre test fixture u bolt testing fixture u of m static strength testing fixture ucsb compression fixture ul crushing resistance fixture ul crushing resistance test fixture ultradent bonding fixture ultradent shearing fixture united testing machine fixtures universal fixture for cable pull tests universal fixture selection guide universal static balance fixture urethane fixture used 3 points flexure fixtures used d2344 test fixture used ball burst fixture for sale used fixtures using fixture d3410 utm fixture iso 4578 utm tensile testing fixture utm test fixture utm test fixture for adhesive v notched beam shear fixture machining drawings v notched rail shear test fixture v notched rail shear test fixture per astm d7078 variable angle peel fixture 7 vb 50 300 bend fixture vega utm with 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