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Tensile Testing machines perform tension or tensile tests on materials and products.

Tensile testing helps select materials and ensure quality for engineering applications. In addition, tensile properties can predict material behavior under forms of loading other than tension. Material strength is of primary concern. Strength may be measured as stress necessary to cause plastic deformation or maximum stress the material can withstand. Material ductility measures how much it can be deformed before it fractures. Ductility is included in material specifications to ensure quality and toughness. Tensile tests are the most common material strength test and measure properties such as yield strength, modulus, ultimate tensile strength, possons ratio, reduction of area and elongation to failure. Specimens are gripped in multiple ways including mechanical clevis grips, threaded grips, vise action, hydraulic action and air grips.

There are many standard test methods: ASTM E-8 (metals), ASTM D-638 (plastics), ASTM D-412 (rubber), ASTM D3039 (polymer matrix composites).

ASTM D638 determines flexural properties of plastics, high modulus composites and insulating materials.

Test parameters to configure a test system include load, speed of loading, test method type, sample geometry, and maximum sample elongation. Test sample thicknesses and types affect equipment requirements.

Common Standardized Tensile Tests:
  Flat Sandwich; core tension; bond
  Flat Sandwich; core tension; bond
ASTM C1359
  Advanced Ceramics; rectangular 
  Carbon; Graphite
ASTM C1135
  Structural Sealants
ASTM C1273
  Advanced Ceramics
ASTM C1275
  Advanced Ceramics; Fiber reinforced
ASTM C1359
  Advanced Ceramics; Fiber reinforced; Elevated Temperature
ASTM C1366
  Advanced Ceramics; Elevated Temperature
ASTM C1468
  Transthickness; Advanced Ceramics; Fiber reinforced
ASTM D   76
  Textile; Yarn
ASTM D  143
  Clear Timber; Nail withdrawal
ASTM D  198
  Structural Timber
ASTM D  412
  thermoset rubber; thermoplastic elastomer
ASTM D  540
  staple fibers
ASTM D  578
  Glass fiber Strands; Textile
ASTM D  638
  Rigid plastic - Elevated & Reduced Temperature
ASTM D  828
  Paper; paperboard
ASTM D  829
  Wet Paper & paperboard
ASTM D  882
  Thin Film; Plastic Sheet; Elevated & Reduced Temperature
ASTM D  885
  Tire Cords; Cord Fabrics; Industrial Filament Yarns
ASTM D  897
  Adhesive Bonds; metal to metal; tensile buttons
ASTM D 1037
  Wood-Base Fiber and Particle Panel
ASTM D 1295
  Wool fibre bundles
ASTM D 1623
  Rigid Cellular; Expanded Plastics
ASTM D 1708
ASTM D 1761
  Wood Fasteners
ASTM D 1995
  Contact adhesives
ASTM D 2061
ASTM D 2095
  Adhesive by Means of Bar and Rod Specimens
ASTM D 2105
  Fiberglass pipe; tube
ASTM D 2209
ASTM D 2256
  Single strands; monofilament; spun yarns; cabled; knotted; loop
ASTM D 2290
  Plastic: Split disk
ASTM D 2343
  Glass Fiber Strands; Yarns; Rovings in Reinforced Plastics
ASTM D 2433
  Rubber thread; natural or synthetic; latex
ASTM D 2646
  backing fabrics - carpeting or tufted floor coverings
ASTM D 2653
  Textiles; Yarns
ASTM D 2724
  textiles; bonded and laminated apparel fabrics
ASTM D 2731
  Elastomeric Yarns
ASTM D 2990
  Plastics; environmental conditions
ASTM D 3039
  polymer matrix composite materials; high-modulus fibers
ASTM D 3492
  Rubber Condoms
ASTM D 3500
  Wood Structural Panels
ASTM D 3518
  polymer matrix composite materials; high-modulus fibers
ASTM D 3552
  Metal Matrix composites
ASTM D 3574
  Urethane foams
ASTM D 3759
  Pressure sensitive tapes
ASTM D 3822
  Textiles; Yarns
ASTM D 3916
  Pultruded glass reinforced plastic rod
ASTM D 4043
  Bituminous roofing
ASTM D 4595
  Geotextiles; Wide Width Strip
ASTM D 4761
  Lumber; wood
ASTM D 4885
  Geomembranes; Wide Width Strip
ASTM D 4964
  Elastic Fabrics
ASTM D 4987
  Paper perforations
ASTM D 5035
  Textile Fabric Strips
ASTM D 5083
  Reinforced thermosetting plastics
ASTM D 5397
  Polyolefin geomembranes
ASTM D 5766
  Polymer matrix composite; open hole
ASTM D 6637
ASTM D 6693
ASTM D 6768
  Geosynthetic clay liners
ASTM D 6775
  Textile Webbing, Tape, Braided Materials - Split drum
ASTM D 6818
  Turf Mats
ASTM D 7003
  Reinforced Geomembranes; Strip
ASTM D 7004
  Reinforced Geomembranes; Grab
ASTM D 7056
  Bituminous Geomembrane seams
ASTM D 7269
  Aramid yarns
ASTM D 7275
  Bituminous geomembranes
ASTM D 7291
  Polymer matrix composites
ASTM E    8
ASTM E   21
  metals: Elevated Temperature
ASTM E   72
  Panels for Building Construction
ASTM E   73
  Truss Assemblies
ASTM E  111
  Young's, Tangent & Chord Modulus
ASTM E  338
  Metals; High-Strength Sheet; Sharp Notch
ASTM E  345
  Metallic Foil; ductility ; elongation ; strength
ASTM E  455
  Framed Floor or Roof Diaphragm for Buildings
ASTM E  489
  Metal Connector Plates - wood applications
ASTM E  646
  Sheet metal; stretch formability
ASTM E 2098
  Glass fibre mesh
ASTM E 2127
  Paneled wall systems



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