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Electronic Hardware - Static, Cyclic, Fatigue Test Systems

Testing the mechanical endurance and integrity of electronics components and assemblies is used to validate designs, improve manufacturing, and ensure the reliability of final products. Tests include:

- Strength testing of adhesives, connections, interconnections, package testing – adhesive peel, micro-bend, indentation and die shear.
- Component testing such as mobile phone components - including contact spring durability, cyclic and fatigue testing.
- Circuit devices and boards experience thermal as well as mechanical strain and fatigue life challenges. Fatigue tests can be used to mimic thermal stress, shortening life tests.
- Printed Circuit Board fatigue flex tests prove their reliability in final applications.
- Ball grid array tests are needed to confirm device performance requiring high precision static test machines.
- Torsion tests are used to test assemblies and fasteners.
- High speed impact or disconnect tests are used in applications involving connector separation on impact.



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Pull out test on microelectronic component. Photo shows G501 Air Operator Pincer Grip (top) and G227 Vise Action Grip (bottom).


Movie - 4 point flexural fatigue test of components in handheld electronic products

PDF describing Board Level Cyclic Bend Test Machine per JEDEC JESD 22-B113 for testing four boards simulaneously in 3 or 4 point bend test configurations - Bend Tests per JEDEC 22B113


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