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TestResources Test Systems, Testers and Testing Machines perform flex or flexural tests when equipped with the correct accessories.

Flexure tests monitor behavior of materials in simple beam loading; or transverse beam tests. Specimens are supported as a simple beam, with the compressive load applied at midpoint, and maximum fiber stress and strain calculated. The three point flexural flexural test measures flex or fracture strength, modulus of rupture, yield strength, modulus of elasticity in flexural, flexural stress, flexural strain, flexural stress strain materials response. Flexural strength represents the highest stress experienced within the material at its moment of rupture.

There are many standard test methods: ASTM D-797 (elastomers), ASTM A-438 (cast iron) ASTM D-86 (glass), ASTM C-674 (fired whiteware), (ASTM A-360, steel products), device screw service c1499 background sandwich synergy 4-point flexural test machine spinal d790 aluminum tensile samples bars deflection elasticity transverse ultralight d6272 double crush automatic tension 4-point flexural test fixture deflectometer elastic benchtop din equipment spine short automate dental advantages electro cycling systems specimens tool c393 bones stretch flexural services specimen coatings testin thickness 4-point flex test fixture tester products testers fatigue equipment jig system product apparatus roller rollers jigs rigs span actuator systems frame instrument ents fixtures stand rig e190 durability analysis d1388 strenght thin setup torsion adjustable compresion tensio specification component 4-point flexural testers articulating 4-point flex test machine 4-point flex testers electromechanical elongation biaxial servohydraulic catalogue standard catheter astm adhesion servocontrol curve baldwin application 4-point flex testing jig circle sale accessory cracks apparatus 4-point flex testing machines axial 4-point flex tester 4-point flex test equipment universal simple table-top compression stem cold e111 cantilever system concentric ring cycle submersible stress tube coax composites cylinder dies sheet screws cement testers 4-pt 4-point flex testing jigs 4-point flexural tester 4-point flex testing fixture tester products testers fatigue equipment jig system product apparatus roller rollers jigs rigs span actuator systems frame instrument ents fixtures stand rig ansi structural extensometer welds (ASTM E-190), fiberboard (ASTM D-1037), and ASTM D-790 (ISO 178).

ASTM D790 determines flexural properties of plastics, high modulus composites and insulating materials. Materials that do not fail by the maximum strain allowed are tested in a 4-point flex test, such as ASTM D6272.

Test parameters to configure a test system include load, speed of loading, test method type, support span, sample geometry, and maximum deflection of the test. Test sample thicknesses and types affect equipment requirements.

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