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ASTM Tear Test Standards have been developed for a wide range of materials, components and applications. Most test methods consist of a relatively common test type (e.g. tensile, compressive, peel, adhesion, flexural) modified for the needs of the industrial community that uses it. Most tests listed are best served by use of a constant rate of extension (CRE type) test machine - or constant speed. Some require features beyond CRE.


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Variety of Tear Tests that need TestResources products:
ASTM D  624
Tear Vulcanized Rubber; Thermoplastic Elastomers
ASTM D  751
Tear; others Textile; Coated Fabrics; tarps; rainwear; Cut strip method
ASTM D 1004
Tear Graves Tear; Plastic Film; Sheet
ASTM D 2261
Tear tongue; fabrics; pre-slit woven
ASTM D 4043
Tensile; Tear Bituminous roofing
ASTM D 4533
Tear Geotextiles; Trapezoidal 
ASTM D 5733
Tear Trapezoidal; Nonwoven textiles
ASTM D 5735
Tear Tongue; Nonwoven textiles

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