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Shear testing typically requires special fixtures and either a quasistatic constant extension rate (CRE) type machine or a fatigue test machine. Sometimes torsion is needed.

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Shear Flatwise; Sandwich materials
Shear; Fatigue Sandwich Core Materials
ASTM D  143
Shear Clear Timber; Nail withdrawal
ASTM D  198
Shear; Torsion Structural Timber
ASTM D  732
Shear; Punch plastic sheets; molded disks
ASTM D  905
Shear Wood; adhesives; compression
ASTM D 1002
Shear Bonded Joints; metals; Single Lap
ASTM D 2295
Shear Adhesives; Metal-to-Metal; Elevated Temperatures
ASTM D 2557
Shear Tensile-Shear; Adhesives in Subzero Temp
ASTM D 2719
Shear structural panels; Through-the-thickness
ASTM D 3044
Shear Wood Structural Panels
ASTM D 3163
Shear Lap; Adhesively Bonded Rigid Plastic Tension
ASTM D 3164
Shear Lap-Shear Sandwich Joints; Tension
ASTM D 3165
Shear Single-Lap-Joint Laminated Assemblies - metal-to-metal
ASTM D 3166
Shear Metal to Metal Adhesives
ASTM D 3518
Shear; Tensile polymer matrix composite materials; high-modulus fibers
ASTM D 3528
Shear Double Lap; Bonded Joints metals
ASTM D 3846
Shear In-Plane ; Reinforced Plastics
ASTM D 3983
Shear Non rigid adhesives; lap shear
ASTM D 4027
Shear Structural adhesives
ASTM D 4255
Shear Composite Laminates;In Plane
ASTM D 4501
Shear Adhesive bonds; rigid substrates
ASTM D 5379
Shear V-Notched Beam; Isopescu; In-plane; Interlaminar; composites
ASTM D 5656
Shear Metal Lap-Shear Joints; Tension Loading
ASTM D 6004
Shear Carpet Adhesives
ASTM D 7056
Tensile; shear Bituminous Geomembrane seams
ASTM E  229
Shear Structural Adhesives
ASTM E  767
Shear Metal Connector Plates - use with wood

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