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ASTM D638 Plastics Tensile Tester - Test Machines, Grips, Extensometers

Plastics Test Equipment - Tensile Testers and Test Machines

210M1000Test System; G56G grips; M Plus software to plot test results.

ASTM D638 (or ISO 527-1,-2) requires tensile test machines for properties measurements of samples as thick as 14 mm (0.55 inches). Each tester is configured with special fixtures and software. Any TestResources tester is capable of being equipped for a pull or tensile test using wedge action, vise action, manual or pneumatic grips. Specimens are placed in the grips of the tensile testing machine and pulled to elongation at fracture, or failure. Test speed and grip separation are defined in the test standard and depend on material properties. The test requires measuring load and strain, or head travel of the tensile tester machine head. In the case where the sample elongates less than 20% and modulus is desired, a 50 mm gage length extensometer is required. Load and deflection data can be translated into a stress-strain curve, and tensile properties extracted as shown:

- Tensile Elongation at Break or Tensile Elongation at Rupture
- Tensile Elongation at Yield
- Tensile Strength at Break
- Ultimate Tensile Strength
- Tensile Modulus
- Secant modulus - materials that exhibit little or no linear behavior.


TestResources test systems perform tensile testing of rigid and soft plastics. Environmental chambers are optional, with both laser based extensometry or standard strain gage based units.

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311R Test System; G2710 Chamber; G154 grip

Modulus of elasticity calculations can be made using grip separation values or with an extensometer which produces more accurate data. ISO 527 allows for additional specimen configurations, different test speeds, and requires an extensometer. Users may employ a PC to setup and store test parameters such as tensile rate or speed and monitor live test results. Several choices of software are available including those that generate test reports and exports data to Excel for analysis.


The test frame and controller must be selected to match the highest load expected.

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